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Research centres, groups and facilities

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ARC Centre for Ultra-high Bandwidth Devices for Optical Systems (CUDOS)

ARC Centre of Excellence for Core to Crust Fluid Systems (incorporating ARC National Key Centre for Geochemical Evolution and Metallogeny of Continents (GEMOC))

ARC Centre of Excellence for Engineered Quantum Systems (EQuS)

ARC Centre of Excellence for Nanoscale BioPhotonics (CNBP)

ARC Centre of Excellence in Cognition and its Disorders (CCD)

ARC Centre of Excellence in Synthetic Biology

ARC Industrial Transformation Training Centre - ARC Training Centre for Fruit Fly Biosecurity (ITTC)

ARC Industrial Transformation Training Centre for Facilitated Advancement of Australia's Bioactives (FAAB)

Australian Centre for Ancient Numismatic Studies (ACANS)

Australian Institute of Health Innovation (AIHI)

Biomolecular Discovery Research Centre (BDRC)

Centre for Advanced Computing - Algorithms and Cryptography (ACAC)

Centre for Ageing, Cognition, and Wellbeing

Centre for Ancient Cultural Heritage and Environment

Centre for Applied Artificial Intelligence

Centre for Applied Finance

Centre for Applied History

Centre for Children's Learning in a Social World

Centre for Corporate Sustainability and Environmental Finance

Centre for Diamond Science and Technology

Centre for Economic Impact of Genomic Medicine (GenIMPACT)

Centre for Elite Performance, Expertise and Training (CEPET)

Centre for Emotional Health (CEH)

Centre for Energy and Natural Resources Innovation and Transformation (CENRIT)

Centre for Environmental Law (CEL)

Centre for Global Indigenous Futures

Centre for Hearing: Education, Application, Research (H:EAR)

Centre for Language Sciences (CLaS)

Centre for Media History

Centre for Research in Early Childhood Education (CRECE)

Centre for Risk Analytics

Centre for Workforce Futures

Centre in Astronomy, Astrophysics and Astrophotonics (MQAAAstro)

Creative Documentary Research Centre (CDRC)

Dementia Research Centre

HEAR | Hearing Education Application Research

Macquarie University Centre for Motor Neuron Disease Research

Macquarie University Centre for Quantum Engineering (MQCQE)

Macquarie University Centre for the Health Economy (MUCHE)

Macquarie University Photonics Research Centre

Macquarie University Planetary Research Centre

Macquarie University Research Centre for Agency, Values and Ethics (CAVE)

Macquarie University Species Spectrum research Centre (MU SSRC) (formerly Genes to Geoscience)

Multilingualism Research Centre

Perception in Action Research Centre (PARC)

Smart Green Cities

Soft Power Analysis & Resource Centre (SPARC)


Building an intellectual property system: The Indonesian experience

Microbial biodiscovery group

Analytical Glycoimmunology Group

Analytical Palaeobiology Lab

Avian Behavioural Ecology Group

Beaumont Lab

Behavioural Ecology Lab

Bioinformatics Group

Biomechanics and Physical Performance of Exercise

Biophysical Chemistry Research Group

Bioscience-Bioethics Friendship Co-operative

Chemical ecology and atmospheric chemistry

CoMBAT-AD research group

Computational NeuroSurgery (CNS) Lab

Concussion and Repetitive Head Trauma Research Group

Creative Ecologies Lab

Data Science Lab

Diamond Laser Group

Earth Evolution Group

Environmental Allergens and Allergies Lab

Environmental quality and contaminants Group

Evolutionary Ecology Lab

Financial Integrity Hub

Food security and the governance of local knowledge in India and Indonesia

Freshwater Ecology and Ecotoxicology Lab

Macquarie’s Geophysics and Geodynamics Group

Marine Ecology Group

Marine Predator Research Group

Molecular and Optical Physics Laboratory (MOPL)

Optical Biomedical Imaging and Sensing

Organic Geochemistry

Parasitology Lab

Photonics Theory Modelling Group

Plant Invasion and Restoration Ecology Lab

Programming Languages Research Group

Protein Biophysics Group

Radical Centre Reform Lab

Risk Analytics Lab

Spinal Pain Research Group

Synthetic Biology Consortium

The Australian Centre for Egyptology

The Intelligent Systems Research Group

The Lizard Lab

The Verification Lab

The Wright Lab


VISOR Research Group

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